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MJ2 is proud to announce the release of, “You Can’t Say Love Enough,” A musical event brought to you through SweetSong Nashville. This all star single, featuring Dolly Parton, Wayne Newton, Heidi Newfield and many more will raise untold dollars for JDRF and Diabetes Research and Outreach.  This one of a kind song will be available on iTunes, exclusively with all net proceeds being donated to JDRF.

MJ2 Biography

Hi everyone, we’re MJ2 Mollie and Jackie, from Las Vegas Nevada and we are signed with the record label SweetSong Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee. Our group is made up of not one but two sets of twins and to confuse you even more, both sets have one twin named Mollie and one named Jackie. As you can see from our picture, each set looks alike, but the good news is you always have a 50% chance of getting our names right (ha-ha). Our group MJ2 consists of daughters Mollie and Jackie and mom and aunt named (you guessed it)…Yes, there really are two Mollies and two Jackies!

When it comes to our music, we combine a new style of positive energy and exciting four-part harmony to create a fresh and electrifying Country-Rock sound. We keep it real by mixing our music with plenty of humor, guaranteeing everyone lots of fun!

Although music is a huge part of our lives, we try to keep a balance between our love for music and our love for humanity. Over the years we have joined these passions and have raised more then $700,000.00 for Diabetes Research and Outreach Programs. Individually and as a group we are blessed and have humbly accepted national awards for our work including, Mudd Girls Move The World, Most Caring Americans, DoSomething Finalist, 9-11 Heroes Award, Prudential Spirit of Community Award, and have recently appeared in Teen Vogue and Justine Magazines.

However, as proud as we are of our previous endeavors, we are thrilled to announce our latest ventures! This November we are releasing our new album entitled, “YOU CAN’T SAY LOVE ENOUGH.” All of the songs on our album are fun, high energy and meaningful, guaranteed to make you smile and lift your spirits!

But more exciting, is the Celebrity version of the Title Track, “YOU CAN’T SAY LOVE ENOUGH,”  which we recorded and is also due out this November! This special song features MJ2 and Friends, which includes many of the biggest names in music: Heidi Newfield, Steve Wariner, Bill Anderson, Wayne Newton and many more. All of the net proceeds from this Celebrity collaboration are being donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), to help find a cure for Diabetes.

This worthy cause is especially close to all of our hearts, as the younger Mollie and our record Producer, Dennis Money, are Diabetics. Therefore, this donation is a gift from the Diabetic Angels, an organization founded by us, MJ2, and Sweetsong Nashville.

To sum up who MJ2 really is…we are a fun, exciting act with our own sound and zany sense of humor. We love to entertain and we invite you to become our friend on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Leave us a message or comment; we love to read what our fans have to say! In the mean time remember our motto…